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The Greatest Brandversations Part 2

Into the shadows

They battle each other constantly so they could win our hearts… and money. Yet they have developed and transformed because of this constant interaction and state of conflict between them. Although they do not admit it, they seem to have become what their competition made them be. These antagonistic marketing wars between major internationally renowned rival brands will never decide a winner, but will engage the two sides into constantly transforming based on what the other is doing. This is not a war of the brands. It is a sort of constructive conversation between brands. A weird case of symbiosis.

When I have started working at the first „Greatest Brandversations” series, back in 2011, it never crossed my mind that all you guys would enjoy this approach as much as you did. I was overjoyed to see that my perspective on the topic was shared by so many others. It was a unique and beautiful experience, and I thank you all for it. Two years later, out of the will to develop this project even more, “The greatest Brandversations 2.0 – Into the Shadows” came to be.

Basically, the idea stays the same: 10 posters representing some of the world’s most notorious brands by using their arch-competitor’s visual identity. Yet this time things take a different turn, with a more complex approach. The logo is but one piece of the grand puzzle called “a brand”. It is why, this time, I decided to portrait the sides involved using not only their competition’s logo, but other symbols, some of them obvious, other subliminal.

Hope you’ll enjoy this new series as much as you did the previous one.

And the nominees are:

/Nike and Adidas, the largest sportswear industry players
/Playstation and Xbox, the most popular gaming consoles
/Intel and AMD, two top competitors in the race for ITC supremacy
/Playboy and Hustler, the most notorious adults magazines,
/BMW and Audi, whom have ferociously battled each other in the marketing ring.

adidas and nike
playstation and xbox
amd and intel
audi and bmw
playboy and hustler

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