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Creating a professional logo is bloody sacred! Did you think of something else? 💩

Logos are an ingredient from the business brand identity system. Their role is to identify a business in its purest form. It’s the first thing customers see when interacting with your product or service and also it’s the first thing they remember when the times is right.

The Brand Identity System contains all elements which work together to create a feeling. It’s the name, design, the symbols, or any other feature that identifies a product or a service as distinct from the others. Think about the iconic brand names: Apple, Samsung, Twitter, McDonald’s. What does it come to your mind first? Yup. The logo. That is what we are talking about here!

Logos can have various looks, and like human beings, each one its made to have his personality. A logo can be whatever you want it to be: friendly, colorful, warm, explosive, elegant and so on. But it must be professional. Let me tell you why.

First, look at the visual aspect of a logo design. More specific, at the clarity of a logo as an image. We all know that a logo it’s made to be everywhere, on various kind of materials and in different sizes. But for this thing to be possible, it requires to be a high-quality design, and it needs to be scalable. When a logo is scalable, it looks good whether displayed on small or a large material.

Furthermore, besides the fact that a logo should fulfill the “technical criteria,” it has to give visual coherence, more precisely, harmony in details and all its elements must blend. Most important, it has to be recognizable as part of an identity system.

A simple logo it’s an image which cannot tell enough by itself. That’s why a professional logo it’s more than that. It’s about branding beyond the logo. Having a professionally designed logo makes promoting much more accessible and efficient. Mostly, it is about the impact it makes on the market and the fact that it must connect with the consumers.

When you see a logo that you like, you tend to try the product or the service. Why so? Maybe because it inspires trust? Or you think that the products or services the business offer is professional, just like the logo? Or perhaps both. 🙂 And yes. That is precisely how a great logo functions and this is its aim. It’s designed to be remembered by the consumers and to drive them to give your business a try. Not to mention that a professional logo it’s designed to be enduring. So it will still be a great one even the years will pass. You won’t have to worry it will get out of date. Why? Because designers take into account a lot of elements when making a logo: the client needs and desires, the business industry, the competitors, targeted group, the market, the trends and much more. It matters when you are in the long run. You won’t stand out from the crowd with a weak logo. It’s impersonal, and consumers won’t be attracted.

To create a professional logo takes time because it tells a story. Behind a great logo, it is a lot of work, research, understanding the industry and the competitors. Needless to say that a professional logo design may cost you more than a weak logo or something found online, but it is sure worth the investment. And yet, a weak logo can cost you much more in the long run. Having a good logo is very important for your business, but having a professional one, it will make a difference and will stand out from the crowd.

So, no, it’s not just a logo. It’s something more meaningful than that, regarding its significance and impact. Remember, a logo is just one ingredient worth putting your efforts and focus on before launching a product, service or another kind of project that will stand out from the crowd.

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