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The Greatest Fontversations

Playing the font game

The Greatest Brandversations has been a big hit in the world of design, so it was only naturally followed by an “episode two”, titled TheGreatest Fontversations and in which the main focus is the font. Fontversations attempts to illustrate, or better yet to make the public understand what it truly means to properly use a body text/font.

We are overwhelmed by the multitude of fonts which are made available to us on the internet, but a properly used font requires a great deal of attention and patience. While the criteria for the use of proper fonts are many, the idea and not the solution is the focal point of this series of works. The red line which runs along the entire project is the link between the design of the font, the name of the font and the context in which the font is used.

The project is part of my graduation thesis at the University of Art and Design in Cluj-Napoca.

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