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Game of brands by Stefan Asafti

Playing with Ice and Fire

This is the story of ten greater houses;
Ten out of many, and some of the best.
They all are so different, one from the other,
Yet all of them share the lust for conquest.

We often hear their weapons thunder,
Charging ahead, devout to overwhelm!
Knights in black suits, and wizards of slogans,
Merciless campaigns blazing our realm.

Yet when we don’t hear them roaring,
They play their quiet wars instead:
In castles of glass, their maesters are sowing
Plots meant to take us unprepared.

For what are sharp words, if not a brand’s weapons,
And what is design if not a brand’s mail?
Come see, and witness the rise of their banners
And play the game that I’m here to unveil.

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