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Human Direct

Brand Identity

Human Direct is a human resources consulting firm specialized in IT recruitment services. With the help of their own dedicated technical team, Human Direct focuses on offering jobs in the highly competitive field of software development. But they don’t limit themselves just to recruitment and they also provide career coaching for individuals and team consultancy.

We started the brand identity building process for Human Direct with a precise goal in mind –  to find a way to merge these two domains into a clear and elegant concept. After many sketches, we landed onto a very representative image. Two intersecting directions: the IT field and the Human Resources one.

The symbol we created could be also seen as a bow tie which suggests a touch of professionalism. The colors we decided on also inspire a very simple and approachable concept, which is how the IT field would like the HR field to be. IT recuitment with a human approach.

IT recruitment with a human approach
Brand identity overview
Human Direct logo
Logo construction
Logo declinations
Brand typography
Logo closeup
Logo application on t-shirt
Real life implementation

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