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Imagination, cartoons and brands

What if the world was ONE BIG CARTOON?

 How would great brands look like, inspired by cartoon characters? Well, below you may find the answer. There is a special relationship between the character and the brand. It’s a mind game. Can you figure out the brand in relation to the character? or vice-versa, or both?

Cartoons that we loved watching when we were little kids always inspiring us.


ray-ban and nike, dexters laboratory, road runner
atari and grooveshark, power puff girls, jabberjaw
mcdonalds and discovery channel, Sylvester, dino
lufthansa and wwf, the jetsons, winnie the pooh
guinness and kfc, hommer simpson, cartman
pringles and wikipedia, scooby doo, stewie griffin
burn and pizza hut
comedy central and hello kitty, two stupid dogs, deedee
brainiac and whiskas, pinky and the brain, garfield

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