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To everyone who inspired and encouraged me in 2017, I say, Thank you! Because all of the support I got I was able to do so much more and make some things happen. Here are 10 of them.

01. Read more books

I am proud to say that in 2017 I read more books than the previous. At 32, I’m more thirsty for knowledge more than ever. Here some titles that had me going.

02. Listening to audiobooks and podcasts while walking

Developing new habits is an excellent way to stay ahead so in the last 3 months I walked over 300 km listening to audiobooks and podcasts, over 40 hours long.
Learning while walking. So powerful!

03. Created my first design course

Finally dared to challenge myself into doing something bigger than me, so I created a design course. The Honest Design Course. You can read the summary here.

04. Make the logo better project

I wanted to get more involved in giving feedback to my fellow designers on logos so Make the logo better was born. It was challenging I can tell you that, but I learned a ton just by doing it, and also gave a ton of free feedback. Check it here.

05. Redesigned my website (again)

Redrawing my site is something I do every year. For the past 5 years for me, it became a “tradition” to do this. With time, perspective changes, taste in design changes, so I am the guinea pig on which I test new design ideas.

06. Started designing my physical Journal

This is such an old project, but FINALLY, I started doing something about it. By the beginning 2018, I will have my paper world which I will fill with words. I will tell you the full story very soon.

07. Written more content

Writing ties with my journaling experience. I used to keep a journal for many, many years but this habit slowly faded away. I miss it a lot, that’s why I try to find ways to revive some of my old habits. But, this year I started to enjoy creating content, and writing articles about my passions keeps the juices flowing. I have a lot of pieces of content (almost) ready to see the light but need some more brewing.

08. Got married

A big one isn’t it? I’m grateful for having such a fantastic life partner.

09. Got my tattoo finished

And a little bit of pain to make you feel alive. This piece was in preparation for some time now, but finally, it’s finished. Well, you know what they say, no masterpiece is ever finished.

10. Made my first ever YouTube videos

Finally had the balls to experiment with videos more than ever. Such an excellent experience that I want to repeat. Don’t forget to hit that Subscribe button, OK?

I wish all of you who read this, a happy and creative new year! See you in 2018.

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